Postcollege Outcomes Resource Clearinghouse

As you probably know, the metrics for measuring student success in higher education are dynamic. Institutions and stakeholders have long been on the hunt to know more about how college impacts students’ lives. Therefore, we have tirelessly studied student satisfaction. And grades. And graduation and retention rates. Now, we are finding ourselves diving into research on employment data and other postcollege outcomes.

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Postcollege Outcomes as a Measure of Success

In recent years, higher education has turned its focus to exploring the outcomes of its graduates as a measure of student success. Accountability efforts, such as Federal Gainful Employment reporting, institutional rankings, and state performance-based funding, reflect this shift. Therefore, institutions have begun to explore the wealth of information they learn from studying what happens to their students after they graduate or leave the institution. That is to say, they want to know more about about things like salary, job title, and organization.

Emerging Research and Best Practices

As a result, the body of research and best practices surrounding Postcollege Outcomes data collection, use, and study is growing quickly. K Powers Consulting is pleased to have developed and share the Postcollege Outcomes Resource Clearinghouse, which will act as a repository for these resources. The Clearinghouse provides reference information and links to resources including policy & research reports, journal & news articles, and related organizations & initiatives. Some resources are behind a paywall or require a subscription to access, so we have provided the citations for those resources.

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Explore the Postcollege Outcomes Resource Clearinghouse Now!

The Clearinghouse is now live and available for you to explore. Take a look around and check out the current list of resources! In addition, we would love to hear your suggestions for resources we may be missing. The Postcollege Outcomes Resource Clearinghouse will be updated as additional resources are identified. And please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback!

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